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In the Barn Yard



Daisy was a good cow

Lucy was a good sow


Molly was a bad cat

Danny was a bad rat


I saw them all prance around

I saw them fall to the ground



 Poem1 in the barn Yard

Images:  Pic of Pig

Flowers Blow


 Flowers blow

Far in the meadow

And were I sow

Like an endless wave they flow



Too Many Children


There was an old woman who lived with a shrew

She had many children numbered 10 plus two

So she gave them a spanking

To stop all their cranking

And threw them all into the stew



                           The Dream I Dreamed


                                                                Once I dreamed a dream

                                                                                   In my dream I dreamed

                                                 That I dreamed of having a dream

And in that dream

 I dreamed of many dreams

Of dreams


The dream I dreamed

Pic From:Pillows on a bed  



Everyone likes Hamburgers

Except for vegetarians

                                                                                                 Everyone loves to read                                      

Except for those who don’t

All fish swim free

Except for those in aquariums

Everyone loves to lead

Except for those who follow

Everyone dies eventually

                                                   Except there is no exception 


This Pictue comes from:Hambuger



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  1.   Katie on March 21st, 2011          

    Your poems are really good. I added you to my blogroll go check out my blog.

  2.   Pomes on June 14th, 2011          

    great site, your great at writing poetry. keep up the good work!!

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