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Well lets see other then the short story I just posted I haven’t blogged in over a year, I really did plan to keep it up but I guess time got away from me like time tend to do. I am in grade 11 now, I am involved in my school in sports and student council, book club, sports and daily life. I have a job and a full semester. ¬†It is like in that song by “Smash Mouth” called All Star, “well the years start coming and they don’t stop coming… then you hit the ground runnin’ ” but now I just sound old. So enough with that!

Do you remember when you were little and an adult asked what you wanted to be and you had an answer right away? I do, I always said I wanted to be a teacher. Well as a continued to grow wiser in the ways of the world I decided that I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. I still don’t know and grade 12 is when you are suppose to know. I am completely clueless, do you know what you want to do? If so please share I need ideas, or if you know of an interesting job tell me about that to! Ta Ta for now my physics, chemistry and bio homework are calling me!


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†This story takes place in a town called Lakeville in the country of children’s fairy tales. One day in the country of children’s fairy tales. Kaitlyn¬†was walking along the road to school. She was very worried because the T-REX¬†her older brother ¬†kept as a pet had eaten it and she knew the teacher would not except the story, but she had no choice she was going to be late and that would make things even worse. Suddenly she heard a noise in the bushes she ¬†was afraid that it would be a sheep coming to eat her. Lucky for her it was not, out hopped this¬†little creature with a little pink nose that seemed to be constantly twitching. She wondered what it was and what it was doing in the middle of the road when all the sudden it started speaking

“hey, you-hoo down here, I….”

” are you talking to me?” she cried

“why yes” replied the creature “who else would I be talking to? Now before you runaway screaming I need your help, my mother is old and cannot walk very far and she want’s to visit her grandchildren on the other side of the road I need you to help me.” when he was finished speaking the creature then twitched his fluffy tale.

“but why me? she said barley holding back a scream

“who else?” he shot back

She felt sorry for the poor creature and decided to help him, the conversation with him had already made her/him late. “very well” she sighed

And so she helped the poor creature and his mother across the road. When they were safely on the other side she turned to walk away when the creature spoke up,

“you helped without asking for a reward and so I shall grant you one wish, make it carefully”

“oh, thank you ” said she ” could you finish my homework for me?”

“is that all” said the creature in surprise and he twitched his long ears

“why yes” said she equally surprised at his bewilderment

“very well for that I shall finish your homework and because it is such a simple task I shall get you to school on time as well”

He thumped his foot twitched his ears and hopped twice, suddenly he was gone and Kaitlyn was in the school yard just as the bell was ringing.

“hmmmmm” ¬†she wondered ¬†what was that creature?

Do you know what it was? With out looking at other people’s guesses write a comment with your guess.

– By Sara and Anne

…What if…

Have you ever dreamed of what you want to be? Maybe it is not your life goal but something you would do if you were given the chance. For me I would like to write a novel, right now I write lots of short stories, however none have an ending, it is not something I will make my life goal just something on the side. 

Have you ever sat in class and planned out your future what it should be like and what should happen when? I have, however when you really think about it there are sooooooooooooooo many what ifs that your planned life will not turn out as you wanted. Of course if you really want something you should fight for it. When I was little my mother would read my small picture books, like Goodnight Moon by Margret Wise Brown, the Velveteen Rabbit By Margret Williams, Are you my Mother by P.D.Eastman and so many others. When the story was over I would think about all the what ifs, and change the end of the story over and over again. I always found that the story could have been different. I still do it now after reading a book I think hard about what could have happened, about all the what ifs. Maybe that’s why my stories never end is because I think of to many what ifs,

…What if…¬†

Book club, Book # 1

The Help

  Change begins with a whisper

B y Kathryn Stockett

Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson are two black maids in Jackson, Mississippi 1962, Aibileen is working on raising her seventeenth white child, non of them have been hers but, she raises them as her own. She has always taken her orders quietly but th ebitterness is building and she can no longer hold back. Her friend Minny can never keep a job for very long because of her tongue, until she gets hired by a new comer with chocking secrets. When white socialite Skeeter Phelan comes back from Collage with a degree but to her mothers dismay, unmarried. Skeeter used to find comfort from her well beloved maid who raised her, she always confided in her maid about the troubles she had trying to keep appearances in her high social life. When Skeeter begins a project that will change all of their destinies, a book on the real life of black maids working in the white homes of the south. Even with the risks these three woman come together and over-come the odds, often with humor in hope for a better day.   


Now a Major motion picture 

Images from Google books
Searched:the help kathryn stockett
This is a good book with an intresting veiw, however it is not a book sutible for everyone, if under the age of 13 ask a parent before reading

Completed summer book list!

  1. Tales from cook’s cove ONE FOR SORROW By Mary C. Sheppard
  3. MAKING BOMBS FOR HITLER By Marsha Forchuk Skypuch
  4. Laura Secord and the war of 1812 ACTS OF COURAGE By Connie Brummel Crook
  5. THE OUTCASTS OF 19 SCHYLER PLACE By e. l. konigsburg
  6. SISTER WIFE By Shelley Hadlitschka


Shine Shine By Lauren Myracle

Your best friend is beaten, and left for dead, and you live in a very small town. You know your best friend is gay and everyone else knows too. The police are pointing the blame on drunk out of town collage students and have no hope in finding them, but you now better. The secene looks like it was a hate crime, you know it is someone your town, but who?

This has happened to 16 year old cat’s best friend. Does she have enough courage to fight for justice, even as she uncovers more and more secrets that others want left hidden.

For mature adiences only! 
All pictures are found on google books.

List of Books you should read before…

Ever wanted to find a read before you die list, well sorry you won’t find one here.
I was going to write one but I am still young and doing plenty of reading so that would
be impossible, for me any way.
So insted I will give you a list of recently read really good books.

Sarah’s Key

By Tatiana De Rosnay

Front Cover

Rot and Ruin


(it suprised me!)

Mission Road

By: Rick Riordan


Sarah’s Key

Everybody has heard about the holocaust in Germany and Poland, the deportation of the Jews. This however also happened in other countries as well.

¬†Sarah’s Key

By:Tatiana De Rosnay


When a Little girl named Sarah and her family are awoken¬†in the night and forced to leave their home, Sarah hides her brother in the little unknown¬†coset with a lock.¬†She has promised with her life to come back for him.Sixty years later Julia Jarmond is an American who has lived pairs¬†France for about fifteen years, she is a journalist that is assigned to write a piece about the history of a particular “roundup”.¬† As she investigate she finds the strange string of information that leads her trough Sarah’s life, but as her investigations continue her family starts to unravel. To read more about Sarah and Julia read the book or watch the movie! (the book has more feeling)

(I cried through out the book)

Front Cover
(for older audiences grade 8 and up)

” You can’t stop the future you can’t rewind the past

¬†¬†The only way to learn the secret is to press play.”





You have to listen and watch, suicide is a very serious thing. Most people just say oh they should have went for help, a friend could have stepped in maybe they could have. Those are all what ifs, the person is dead, you will never find the real reason, unless…


they leave something behind to tell you why. 






 Th1rteen R3asons Why By Jay Asher




I was touched deeply by this book it is not something light and romantic that I usually read¬† but it is a harsh topic of reality, it could be happening around you. I enjoyed the¬†authers flow and it seemed I could not put the book down I had to know how Hannah’s story turned out. ¬†Just watch and listen.
(please be aware that this book covers a very intense 
topic that should not be taken lightly, it may not 
be suitable for all audiences.) 

~The Mediator Books~


~The Mediator Books~


By Meg Cabot  are really good!


The books are a series about a girl that is a ordinary 16 year old girl, who’s mother gets married and they have to move. After she moves she is planning on making new friends and a new life or so she hopes.¬† Suze has a problem, she can talk to¬†ghosts, see them, and touch them, she is a Mediator. The ghosts¬†also¬† haunt her and ask her to solve their incomplete earthly deeds for them, getting her into, well lets say very bad¬†problems. It is easy to¬†read and funny!¬†The books flow and don’t go on about nothing or not explain enough of the story! The first book is Shadowland and the second the ninth key, so far I have read the first two books so I can’t give the rest of the story! I hope you like it just as much as I do!!!

Front Cover

Summer is Busy, Busy, Busy!

Summer is a busy time of year, if not for you then it is for me! So far I have gone camping out east, (Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I). I have worked on a corn¬†detassling ¬†crew for 11 days! I have gone camping with some friends and family! Babysat, read books, went shopping, mowed the lawn¬†and done so much more! So know that I’v told you what I am doing this summer how about writing a list of the most fun things to the lest!

The tide is almost out!

The tide is almost always in!











Comment on it!



The Lion King!

The lion king has once again come to Toronto and I was lucky enough to see it! It is a funny and good movie with humer and adventure as well as life lessons! 

The show is even better it is so a mazing everyone should see it. It is full of colour and drama it is so good the costrms and actions of the acters re spectaculare! I t is just too good to be true if you can see it do!

Anne Frank………………………………………………………….3


Anne Frank is really grown up! She was s smart sissy, load opinanated¬†school girl of 13 and now , by the end of the book she has matured and has become a sophisticated wise young woman. Anne’s diary entries have become longer and are more about the fact that she found herself. She has realized that she did need love but not all at once, she is still critical but it is her diary. I think that she is becoming more considerate and she realized that she was leading peter on but still it¬† is hard to explain if you know what I mean.

As for an important event I think one of the events or things that stood out to me the most was when they were siting at the table after the robbery and Anne is describing the look of the kitchen and what is on the table.¬† I don’t know about you but that gave me a better¬†scene of understanding what there life was like.¬† The things on the table suggest they are living like a poor family just making it by. Because I have read other war stories and in comparison the franks and there companions had a lot and were very lucky to¬† the end. The event ha no special effect on the story I just have a strong connection with it. It makes me think of camping with my cousins, everything is jumbled all in one pile or many different piles all over the place. This event was concluded by them cleaning up. Like me¬†I like the feeling of a place being clean ( not the cleaning)¬† after being a Tornado dump site.¬† this is also like camping. After almost everyone is gone and we are standing thee going threw the forgotten junk and looking for the proof that we had been there. After they clear the table thee is no proof of a troubled disoriented non- caring ¬†family.

I also find Anne’s last recount and entry she has doubt her self and she is disappointed in her life the way she lives and acts. is is a little chilling when she writes those last words I don’t know why but there is some unknown meaning that give s me the creeps.

” …of becoming what I would so like to be, and what I could be, if…there weren’t any other people living in the world.”




I enjoyed reading the book and seeing Anne mature through out.¬† I like the novel but would probably not read it again.¬† I would recommend it to others only if they like that kind of story, book , writing style ect. ect. and if I thought that they could benefit from reading it. The Anne frank book is a hard book to read. It is mostly about a young girl and her thoughts and feelings as well as a young girl finding out who she really is. Anne Frank is a touching and sad novel it is hard to understand it is a little easier after you¬† have read the book and really thought it over. The book is a little like the bible the more you read the more questions you get. Yes some get answered but they are just replaced by others that are more complex. Anne has issues with faith like me. It is not that I don’t believe but it is what am I believing in. That is why I think that this book is a heavy novel and would think it is for people in the age group of 13 to 15 for the most part but 12 at the youngest. I think that both girls and boys should read this book. I think that girls should read it¬† because if they are having troubles at home they know that they are not the only girl that is having issues. I think boys should also read this book because then they might come to know themselves better and maybe learn why girls do the things that do with out anyone having ottell them. I think that the dissections we had a bout the book were interesting and gave me a better understanding other book¬† I am still confused all though it help knowing that the others were confused¬† as well as their opinions.

Anne Frank……………………………………….2

In the last post I wrote I talked about some of the

 characters and gave you a peak at what has been

 happening this week I will be telling you about.


So far there is 8 people in the secret annex and the arguments are stating to decline. Anne is expressing her self with a better understanding, she is discovering that there is more to life then boy, flirtatious remarks, having the last word, starting unnecessary arguments, being the only one, and why can’t things be better. Anne has matured the entries and getting longer and she is becoming more excepting of their soundings and calming down. Anne and the people hiding with her have gone through a number of frights. First there were the robbers, then the people that got them food rations were caught are temporally put in jail, after that the people that bring them news and food had personal issues, and lastly Anne seems to think she has fallen in love with Peter. I would go in to a more detailed summary bu that would rune the book for those who want to read it.


The point of view in this book is quite obvious, it i the point of view of Anne Frank a young girl in hiding. She tells her imaginary friend kitty all about her troubles and the things that happen in hiding, she also tells kitty about the struggles of learning about her self and how she really is. The way Anne writes is in a very philosophical way she makes her diary sound as if she is watching these people in the natural habitat and learning about them and then using some of that knowledge that she gains to find herself and become a mature person.


The main character is Anne Frank a young girl in hiding who is also the author of the book Anne is a young girl how slowly becomes a mature young person by releasing that she is not the only one and every dark cloud has a silver lining. She is starting to see the beauty that she can see and making me feel guilty for all the things that I take for granted!  Anne is writing a diary to a imaginary person to cover up the fact that she writing a diary. She is telling us about her thoughts and feelings, her sorrows and joys, her ups and downs and the every day life of someone how is living in hiding for about 4 years.

Here is a link to a news papper artical on Anne Frank: Click Here!

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