Challenge 3


I live in Canada. Canada is a very large country in North America. Lots of people think we live in igloos and ride on dog sleds. That is true but  only for a couple months of the year way, way up north.  Canada is a bi lingo country. That  means we have two languages that are official.

Some history!

Canada was inhabited by first nations people from the about the end of the last ice age. then it was later discovered by vikings who did not like it so they left. 100 years later the french came and set up the fur trade later the English came and they both had nice aboriginals on there sides but abused it. Then put them on reserves. That is pretty much it well the important stuff any way.


Canada is a mixture of different cultures because of all the  we  welcome. So if you celebrate Hanukkah you get recognized on calenders and stores. So if you are new in Canada you will probably feel at home one way or another.


We probably eat and dress the same way as most of you. T-shirt and jeans. In the winter we have to wear more clothes like jackets and snow pants. We eat a lot of different things from different countries. Canada dose not have many things that originated Canada one thing is Tim Horton’s.


Most sports in Canada are done in the winter like hockey and skiing. we do have some sports in the summer but as I said before if you play it we have probably heard of it.

I think Canada is the best place to live and I wouldn’t want live any other place.

Well I hoped you learned something! and if you have questions just ask!

challenge: three

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5 thoughts on “Challenge 3

  1. Hey Anne,

    Wow that’s a really great post. I may not have learned something because I live in Canada, but think some people will. I love going to Tim Horton’s! Great post.

    -Cassandra 🙂

  2. Hey Anne,
    I have to agree with you becasue I think Canada is a great place to live. And also a wouldn’t want to live anywhere eles too. Canada is great!

  3. I’m from Canada, and it is an awesome place! I miss it so much! I love your name too, I soo want that name. Tim Horton’s is one of the many things that I miss.

    -Stéphanie 🙂

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