Challenge 10

 This is a reflection post on what my thoughts/feelings are about blogging and using E Learning this year.

This year has been a great experience on the web. I have done some pretty cool things on the Internet and seen so very cool blogs. Elearning was also very cool. I like the fact that i can interacte with other students from China and other countries with out even meeting them. On Elearning I completed many tasks without touching a pencil! However, I am not the biggest fan of staring at computers all day,so in that sense  I sometimes found it hard to concentrate. Also some of the post and challenges were hard to understandand.

Over all I enjoyed blogging and Elearning because I could finally say to my mother “You don’t know that?”

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Challenge 10

One thought on “Challenge 10

  1. Thanks Anne for your post submission. I love all of the “extras” on your blog. I also like that you feel blogging and E Learning have helped you as a writer. I hope you continue to blog during the summer. Keep adding books to your page too!

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