Task/Systems around the world and how they affect you and me.

There are many types of systems in the world. Some are natural (e.g., circulatory, weather) and some are created by humans (e.g., health care, transit systems).
Create a blog entry that provides at least three examples of systems in the following categories:
Mechanical/Electrical/Digital systems
Human Body Systems
Social Systems
Natural System


A system that is found in the category Mechanical/Electrical/Digital systems is, Car assembly line, a computer with a screen, hard drive and printer. The Digital would be a TV or camera. These are some systems that improve our lives.

The human body has many systems Some of these are the circulatory system the respiratory system and the digestive system.These systems help you get around and do your daily activities and jobs. 
 In the social systems category three systems would be public transit, Churches and schools. These are all systems because they all have schedule, routs, and people in the community. They are for the community they get people to the places they need get.
 Natural systems are the easiest to think of because they are all systems that were not made with our hands like the solar system, ecosystems, and Water and lake systems.  These systems benefit the world because they help us get around, supply us with water, and food. Lastly these systems provide us with entertainment, and jobs.  So you have read briefly about different systems and how they work.  How do you think systems affect your life?
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