Is it here do I hear it coming closer?


Is it coming today or tomorrow?


 Is s learcking around the corrner playing hide -and-seek or about to jump out and scare us with the heat?


Do I feal the air a warming, for the snow here is alarming!


 Is spring here YET!


iMAGE fROM:Bing Puppy

Spring (Or so I thought)

I thought that spring was coming. It was getting warmer the tulips were poking their heads out of the ground , the robins were back, oh I thought that spring was on its way!I was dreaming of summer and all the fun things I would do with my friends and my family. The swimming and camping ect. ect! Spring was coming I was soooooooo Happy!

Until It SNOWED!


People watch out your aquatic environments around your area are in danger you and your friends need to get up and do something!!!!


My team of cell biologist and I were asked to do some research on this topic. We made a short radio announcement to tell you what we did and found.

Here is the Sciencepodcast1aap.

Here is the PAS I did last year telling you about earthday Click here!